Community Partners

We could not exist without our local Community Partners
SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC is working hard to increase the impact of financial contributions by our local “Community Partner”. We use monetary donations made by our local “Community Partners” to accomplish two missions at the same time.

Community Partner - Example scenario:
Summer camp is coming up. Your daughter needs money to attend the camp and you just don’t have it, or you just want her to have a fun learning experience which will teach her the value of a dollar and how to earn the money. First, she could ask all your friends and family
for money to help her go to camp. Or she could ask local business owners to help her out with a donation. Either way, she is asking for something and giving nothing. If, she gets some money, what has she learned? She has learned how to get something for nothing and certainly not the value of a dollar.

How many donation requests can a small local business fill each year? Saying “no”, may damage their business name or a customer relationship. Saying “yes”, very often may cause a financial strain to the business.
What SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC can do for local Community Partner business partners?

Local businesses who become a “Community Partner” with SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC can have peace of mind when individuals, groups or clubs ask the local “Community Business” partner for funds. The owner or manager can refer the requesting party to SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC with an “intent to donate voucher” which is provided to local financial business partners upon request or upon a designated donation. The requesting party, would then contact SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC for a variety of ways to “earn” the funds they are seeking. There are several volunteer levels or tasks that could be performed to earn the requested funds. 

First, the requesting individual, club or group would sign an accountability form and after all requirements are met the pre-arranged, agreed upon amount would be paid for them. All agreed on funds are applied directly to the agreed upon “prerequisite”. By having local “Community Partners”, two needs are met for the same funding.
Completed accountability forms, from the requesting party/fund recipient, provides answerability to our local “Community Partner” donors. This also safeguards that their funds are being used for positive life skills learning lessons. The local “Community Partner’s” money, always makes a difference in dog’s lives and the people lives they touch…….it is not a handout.

Short-term care providers – Fosters:

Our program doesn’t just benefit the dogs. Our program also benefits the volunteers, individuals and organizations that work alongside SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC. It also helps the individual, club or group who need a fundraiser. It can also help the unemployed or underemployed, veterinarian students or veterinarian technician, college or vocational students, someone facing a life challenge and local business owners.

Our program offers donors accountability and can double the benefits of each monetary contribution. Young people and members of clubs and organizations are always needing funds for trips, projects, activities and supplies. SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC provides a way for these individuals and/or organizations to raise funds without begging friends and family.
When a “Foster” takes on the responsibility of training a dog for basic house manners and provides photo and written updates, they will earn credits that SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC will apply toward a pre-approved “Fosters” needs, such as students’ costs, a bursar account in college, camp registration fees, textbooks, etc.
Organizations can raise funds for the group the same way – by taking on the rewarding task of a “Foster dog”.

Donations and Resources

SOLOMONS People and Pets, LLC can always use cleaning supplies, paper goods, fencing, dog food, toys and supplies, new or lightly used household items. Veterinary and day to day care of our dogs is a big-ticket item, if you have the resources, we would be grateful and careful stewards of all donations or contribution you wish to give.
May God bless you and thank you in advance for your donation(s).
4911 S. Vassar Road, Mulhall, OK 73063
(405) 283-2585


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