Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your dogs come from?

Currently, we are only working with a few partner facilities where all their dogs get daily exercise, play, enrichment and socialization and weekly spa/grooming. They get quality food, veterinary care and regular one on one time with their care givers. With that said, dogs may show a varied response to a new location and people. Some may settle in just fine and other dogs may be a little shy or need special encouragement when they move to a new location. Some of the dogs will be experiencing new sights, sounds and locations for the first time in their lives. Please keep in mind that some of these dogs have never been off of their family farm for bio-security reasons. The farm can be many many acres, and we encourage each facility to take every dogs for walks around the property and into the house, office, barns or out buildings. We here at SOLOMONS encourage every facility to make sure that every animal is well cared for, well socialized and well taken care of. We regularly give the facilities tips and information on how to be the best care provider they can be. We want to make a difference in dog's lives and the people's lives they touch. With this said, there are still facilities out there that need work. Some of the dogs in our program may have not have originated at a partner facility and may not have had the early socialization and enrichment they needed. It has been reported to us, by partner facilities, that some of the dogs they brought into their facilities.....well lets just say the dogs were happy they came to the partner facility.

I am interested in permanently bringing one of your dogs into my home (adopting) and/or becoming a Foster home, what steps should I take?

Contact SOLOMONS People and Pets at [email protected] and fill out a placement/foster application or call 405-283-2585.

I am afraid of bringing a dog into my home with an unknown history or one that originated in a foreign country, which could be dangerous or bring diseases and/or illness to myself or my family

If you are asking this question you have thought long and hard adding a new family member to your home. We only work with a handful of pet providers, it is likely any dog coming from SOLOMONS People and Pets was raised or bred by our partner facility right here in the United States. We DO NOT import dogs or get them from unknown sources. We do everything we can to make sure we know the history, health and care given to every dog coming through our program. We work with partner facilities who have exercise yards and use them for their dogs. They must also provide quality socialization and enrichment daily for their dogs.

What breeds do you have available for permanent placement?

We never know what breeds we will have available for permanent placement or for foster care. You may get on a waiting list, but there is no guarantee when a particular breed will be available.

Have the dogs in your program had any health testing done?

Yes, to be part of our program the partner facilities must do health testing. We encourage all dogs to have Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) testing for that breed, preformed prior to the dog being bred. It is likely a dog coming through our program has had health testing which can include, but is not limited to OFA- Cardia, Patella, Hip, Elbow, Shoulder, Spine, Eyes, Dental, Thyroid, and/or DNA genetic testing done.

How old are the dogs in your program?

We always encourage our partner facilities to retire the animals in their care before 6 years of age. There are times, that we may get a puppy shortly after 8 weeks or young dog. However, the majority will be 6 years old.
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